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Prodigy Experience Continues Its Commitment in India

Needless to say, the global pandemic has brought about many challenges to all of humanity. Irrespective of this, Prodigy Experience  remains resilient  and continues its commitment in developing its offering in India.

Over the last twelve months Prodigy Experience has been working in the background enhancing its Sports Training and Development Platform with the aim to overcome problems faced by Sports Trainers, Players and Sports enthusiasts by providing them the Resources, Expertise, Education and Human Capital. Even in times of uncertainty and risk due to the global pandemic, Prodigy Experience believes in providing the best services to hungry sports players and believers looking for opportunity to uplift their skills and commit to their sport. As a result, Prodigy Experience is broadening its business to the renewed and promising markets of India by creating new opportunities of Prodigy Camps, Prodigy Learn and Prodigy Placements. Prodigy Experience´s ethos is designing sporting experiences based on customer needs. To help grow further, Prodigy Experience has brought on board two new talented team members, Anil Thota and Kalyan Kapdekar.

Prodigy Camps

The initial vision established for four years, Prodigy Experience continues with this offering of campuses in Barcelona and in the home country. These are camps organised for players, coaches and referees. Prodigy Experience has the ability to organise camps with F.C. Barcelona, RCD Espanyol, Real Mallorca and Alaves. Also, Prodigy Experience offers camps at Futbol Salou and Cambrils Park Resort in association with Tecnifutbol. The duration of the camps are typically of 7 – 10 day and can be tailored made to one´s needs. In addition, those wanting longer experiences can sign up for the Prodigy Academy. This offers courses from one month to a year with the possibility to play in local teams.

Prodigy Learn

Prodigy Learn offers students the ability to learn either online, in person or a mix of both with our Partner EUSES who is certified by the university of Barcelona. EUSES is specialized in the Sports and health education environment, which includes Sports and Business Management, Physiotherapy, Sports Injury and short courses based on demand.

Prodigy Placements

Prodigy Placements provides assistance to public, private and professional  institutions by sending specialists in the fields of sports coaching and sporting professionals e.g. Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Professional Players and Professional Coaches

Whatever the need, Prodigy Experience partners with you to provide you with the solution you need using its vast network of professionals.

Our Team Members

In order to grow further into the Indian market, two highly skilled and enthusiastic individuals have joined the Prodigy Experience team on the ground in Pune, Maharashtra.


Kalyan Kapdekar

Kalyan Kapdekar is a Marketing and Sales Executive also residing in Pune, Maharashtra. Kalyan has experience in working with startups focusing on business development and operations. Kalyan is an innovative and creative individual. Kalyan enjoys interacting with people and thus building fruitful relationships that bring mutual benefit to both him and his clients. Kalyan likes to keep himself fit and active through sports and exercise. He used to play soccer and is a keen supporter of Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos. Kalyan believes in grit and hard work which is why joining Prodigy Experience has given him an opportunity to validate his skills and to grow in his professional career.


Anil Kumar Thota

Anil Kumar Thota is a skilled and proficient customer service professional with over 5+ years of supervisory experience working for academic institutions in India. He has been responsible for guiding and mentoring students in career development. Anil is a driven individual and believes in over exceeding targets. He has worked with reputable MNCs including TATA and Wipro. Anil is excited to join Prodigy Experience as it allows him to spread his wings into the international space and use his transferable skills.  Since joining Prodigy Experience Anil feels  he has become confident in making executive decisions and widened his knowledge about the market in Sports. Anil graduated as Bachelor of Arts majoring in Economics. He is presently based out of Pune, Maharashtra, and speaks English, Hindi, Oriya, and Telugu. He enjoys listening to music and exploring new places while traveling.

Thus, Prodigy Experience is a respectable sports business committed further in sowing it’s roots in India and to be the leading and preferred partner for Sports Training in India. For more information please contact either Anil or Kalyan.











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