Prodigy Experience brings together world classes coaches who are UEFA qualified to help you improve your game and take you to the next level. We use excellent facilities in Spain and we have contacts with many La Liga teams where you will also have an opportunity to train with their coaches at their grounds. Just tell us how you want to improve your game at a team and individual level and we will design the perfect experience for you.

About ProdigyFootball

The ProdigyFootball Master Class is offered to participants attending our training camps in our sports facilities. The training sessions are with Catalan and Spanish coaches, qualified to the highest UEFA levels who are experienced in working with teams in the top Spanish categories.

SOFT SKILLS: Value for Life

Thanks to Prodigy Experience, your son or daughter will improve his or her football skills, will share interests with friends from all around the globe and will be trained by top experts from F.C. Barcelona.
However, more importantly Football is a school for life. Whether your child grows up to be a professional player or an accomplished amateur, he or she will learn a bunch of most valuable skills, useful not only for sports, but also to succeed in virtually any other career he or she pursues. Sports values are values for life.


Great leaders master self-control. Our football camp students learn stress management and emotional intelligence. We help them develop a strong personality through team motivation and decision making.

Team building

Working together to achieve goals: that is the very essence of football. Friendship, selflessness, sportsmanship, team spirit, group achievements, communication skills: these are strong values for sport, for business and for all sort of human relationships.


No matter what your gender is, what language you speak, what country you come from. Each camp mate in Prodigy Experience has a special talent, a unique quality we all can learn from. Football is about sharing our passion, supporting our team, and respecting our opponents.

Inspiration & perseverance

Football stars such as F.C. Barcelona players are inspiring role models for your child or teen. They embody all that can be achieved with hard work, perseverance, resilience and sacrifice.


During our camps, children give their best and reach their potential, guided and trained by first rate coaches, some of whom are members of F.C. Barcelona staff. And, of course, they have lots of fun, too!


Our PRODIGYFOOTBALL methodology, is training that uses the brain´s elasticity and boosts players intelligence and creativity. Strength, speed, strategy, tactical moves and fast decision making are some of its foundations.

Your Child in the Best Hands


Prodigy Experience is for the serious young and upcoming footballer wanting to develop further skills using world-class facilities, excellent coaching programs using one of our Exclusive Methodologies, in one of the most famous footballing regions of the world – Catalunya.

We are located an hour’s drive from Barcelona airport and have excellent weather and attractions all year round.


Some of our students travel with their own coaches or supervisors. Some others join our camp individually. We ensure there will be at least one supervisor for every 10 children, either local or visitor, to always oversee and take care of your child.

All our supervisors have accredited education and experience. They have been duly background screened. Further information on our safeguarding policy is available upon request by contacting us directly.

24/7 Safeguarding

We deeply appreciate and honor parents’ confidence and take care of every student’s wellbeing. Of course, we ensure your child’s safety is always paramount.

Our camp facilities have 24 h surveillance via CCTV. No child can leave the camp without consent at any time. We keep in touch with parents throughout the stay.


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