Prodigy Academy

PRICE : € 1050 – € 45000

Cambrils Park Sport Village

The football training facilities, restaurant for athlete specific diet (three meals daily) and our Sports Village accommodation (player’s apartments) are of the highest professional standard.

Flat Option

Our players can stay in a flat in Salou with others players.

Football Facilities

  • We have 10 professional football fields (2 natural fields, 6 artificial and 2 hybrids).
  • Players under 18 from abroad are unable to play official matches but we arrange that they can play friendly games with and against professional teams and in our internal tournaments.
  • In addition to study, they do two training sessions a day. Half of these sessions take place at CE Futbol Salou, with their coaches, and the other half with other local teams previously selected based on their level.

The objective is for them to learn other playing systems and to get to know other clubs.


  • Players under 16 years old can enroll in our affiliated Spanish High School or our International School (for an additional fee) with all lessons conducted in English.
  • If the student is over 16 years old and chooses not to study an official academic course, he or she can study Spanish language.

Health & Welfare

  • All players will be signed up to SANITAS the leading private health insurance in Spain upon arrival (the hospital is within 10 minutes of the sports facilities and Sports Village).
  • We have a health & welfare office (tutor) for every 5 players and a 24/7 transporter in case of any emergency.
  • There is also 24/7 video surveillance in the resort and sports village.
  • This is a tightly knit safe and secure location, all within close proximity.
  • There is a thorough health examination upon arrival.

Tecnifutbol Academy

  • In every training session we try not to give orders to the players, we try not to inhibit their creativity in decision making Tecnifutbol Academy includes Sports Psychology in its pedagogical program.
  • The figure of the sports psychologist is very important, since it allows us to detect cognitive and emotional aspects of our students that perhaps are not so visible at first sight.
  • At the International Academy they understand that emotions are just as important as physical-technical abilities. Therefore, they insist on multidisciplinary work, because that is how the great professional teams do it.
  • There is individual tutoring with the coaches, appointments with the sports nutritionist and with the sports psychologist and training at the gym. And the most important: once a week, a friendly match against a national or international team.
  • At the Academy they give professional status to their football skills, but they also grow as a person.
  • At the Academy they count on a team of tutors in charge of the daily logistics and the student’s well-being: transfers, training, academic needs, etc.
  • Teenage footballers from different cultures, speaking different languages, that have come from different realities, suddenly, live together almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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