Prodigy Experience extends Support to India

Football toughest times in the past year and a half since its invention in 1869. Covid-19 and its impact has been seen and has brought a massive change in the way the game is played at all levels, be it FC Barcelona in Spain or a Local Academy in Pune, India. At the international level Seasons have been put on hold, matches have been cancelled and fans only have the liberty to watch their favorite matches from their homes as opposed to the stadia. At a more local and grassroots level, Academies struggle to enroll new kids for training, daily practices have been shifted to Online Platforms and a few face the heart-breaking decision of shutting down their business due to the extensive losses.

While speaking with owners of Local Football Academies throughout the country, what brought to light was the immense and thrilling response for football. Academies in all states and cities have set curriculum for their players, a fixed number of practices and even during the pandemic continue to coach online. While some academies stop at online tutoring a recognizable few go ahead by taking care of player’s nutrition plans through in-house or assigned nutritionists.
The development of players remains a priority at these academies. While business takes a side-line in this situation of crisis, Prodigy Experience believes in uplifting Local Academies through the opportunity to collaborate and maintain their business. Meeting demands, identifying the needs of players, coaches and staff as well as offering free webinars and online sessions are a few ways of offering a helping hand.

Prodigy Experience extends its support and stands together with its competitors in India during these gruesome times. As normality returns all of us need to come back stronger and have our eyes on the ball, but until then we understand the depth of this situation and urge everyone to stay home, stay safe and keep those masks up. #WeareOne

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