Master’s Degree: Return
To Play After Sport’s Injury

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Master in partnership with F.C. Barcelona Innovation Hub.
Risk factors and injury incidence are becoming increasingly important in sport. Unfortunately, many people who have suffered an injury do not receive specialized attention that would allow them recovering their former capacities and skills. This Master’s Degree aims to offer specific education for professional practice in RTP after a sports injury, focusing as well on prevention plans, process of specific injuries and control and assessment of the RTP process.
After 7 editions of development and training evolution from a combined academic experience of all involved, the Master’s degree in Readaptation to Physical Activity and Sports Competition added F.C. Barcelona and Prodigy Learn to its partners. They contribute their own and valuable professional training knowledge to the Master’s degree.

Through the agreement among Prodigy Learn, EUSES and F.C. Barcelona Innovation Hub, the Master’s degree incorporates leading Barça professionals in the field of sports rehabilitation. This agreement includes the participation of specialized Club professionals in the Master’s, as well as various visitor and guest professors.

The incorporation of FC Barcelona as a partner is of significant benefit to the Master’s students, given that the agreement between the parties also includes training sessions at the club’s facilities. This opportunity is bound to have a positive effect on their professional futures and on the quality of the course.



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